Areas of work

works through international, local, and governmental partnerships in the following areas


water and environmental sanitation

Facilitate access to water and sanitation services for local and affected communities


To build an educated society free from illiteracy and combat school dropout

Livelihood improvement

Improving livelihood opportunities for women and youth through skills imparting programs


Providing basic and emergency healthcare to disadvantaged communities that lack basic services

Excellence in meeting urgent and sustainable humanitarian needs.


M Need Health


M need food


A non-profit development relief forum concerned with meeting the urgent and sustainable humanitarian needs of the affected and needy people in the Republic of Yemen through distinguished programs and activities in coordination with humanitarian action partners locally, regionally and internationally.

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Success stories

Saving water means life

As soon as Rashad Muhammad Salih - an eleven-year-old boy, passionate about education, studying in the third grade - heard about the Al-Furqan Water Project, and the CRB team visited his neighborhood, he set out from his house to meet them.

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Urgent Relief for the Children of Yemen

She was a joy holding a receipt card for relief with the innocence of childhood and she was smiling happily

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2022 ended with many achievements, but we continue our mission with great will and endless hopes. In 2023, we look forward to reaching new heroes with whom we share their pain and fulfill part of their hopes .. Be with us. Coalition of Relief & Building # Life Project


November 22, 2023

Coalition of Relief and Building (CRB) implements a water project in the Hawk Directorate of Hodeida.

Coalition of Relief and Building implemented a drinking water project for the inhabitants of the Rabsa area of the Hawk district of Hodeida governorate. The project […]
November 22, 2023

Announcement of a tender for a project to drill an artesian well with a tower tank in  Ma’rib city.

Announcement of a tender for a project to drill an artesian well with a tower tank in  Ma’rib city. Announcement of a tender: to dig an […]
November 16, 2023

With Turkish funding : the CRB inaugurates the distribution of the school bags and uniforms for 500 orphans in Aden

On Monday 13/ 11/ 2023 – Aden With funding by the Turkish Religion Endowment, the CRB inaugurates this Monday morning the school bag and uniform distribution […]